Monday, December 7, 2009

Spirit of Christmas Treasure Hunt

Regrettably I can't participate in this month's ACEO Treasure Hunt, but my friends still are! Carole is the next blog in the loop. You can still comment here to have a chance to win. Please visit their blogs and find out how you could win an ACEO - a collectible art card.

My friends are:

1. Carole

2. Pam

3. Marlene

4. Kathy

5. Allie


  1. Thanks, Have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. dropping a comment :) have a great holiday season

  3. Oops! I left my comment over on your December 2nd post, sorry!

  4. Oh, so you do this every month?! How cool!

  5. Hi Splendid, I have done this twice before and am bummed that this month didn't work - just too busy!

    Thanks everyone for the holiday wishes! I hope you all have a fun Christmas too!

  6. merry christmas! have fun with your cards!