Sunday, September 19, 2010


I'm hoping and praying for more chinooks this year - they're a warm weather phenomenom unique to Southern Alberta. A chinook can pass through town and melt snow *like that*. It reached 2 C the other day and I have been covering and uncovering my mini roses in anticipation of frost and snow.

My friend Noela Jewelry and I are done for the Hillhurst Sunnyside Farmer's Market. We had to bow out of the last time on September 1st, due to rain...rain that magically stopped after we left! We just couldn't win with the weather this summer, and although the market graciously said that we could come back for another time, it's too cold to stand out there for four hours in the evening!

But, it was not all bad...I wrote a blog post for the Alberta Etsy Team about being prepared for outdoor sales.

And I'm looking forward to my indoor sales this year! They are all booked and I will be posting the schedule soon.


  1. Sounds like your Summer was as elusive as ours.

  2. Keep Warm!! Maybe some hot chocolate with whipping cream! Yummy ;o) (poor mini roses)

  3. Yes, it sure has been Marlene! It was actually sunny today and when I went out at lunch, it mystified me. Seriously!

    We had double digits today Crow, but it is definitely hot chocolate season :-D The frost warning is over, so the mini roses could enjoy the sun today too :-)

  4. Love the Chinooks. lol Hope it gets warmer for you!