Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Muffin Will Not Be Ignored!

If I thought going back to school was hard on me, it has been harder for Muffin, my cockatiel. The change in routine has really upset him, as well as not being out as much as he would like. He loves to sit on the hallway mirror, but since winter started, it's kind of drafty there. Sometimes even animals don't have the best sense, and I'm worried about him catching a cold. I guess I haven't written about Muffin as much as I should or like to!

When you live with a pet bird, you live with all their idiosyncrasies, which is why they're like little people. Muffin is more like a toddler, demanding attention loudly! We always laugh in restaurants when we hear a little kid yipe like Muffin.

Right now Muffin is flying into all sorts of places because he knows I'll come get him. He'll fly on top of the radio or the TV or even land on the laptop. It's not that I'm ignoring him, truly, it's just that once he gets to where he's going, he gets bored pretty easily and is off to the next place. Maybe I'm just playing his game and don't know it!

Our household has gotten birdier and I have neglected to mention that we now have a budgie! We got him from the SPCA in August actually. He was a stray and I'm glad that I picked him. He's loud and noisy and that's why we call him Feisty. I have no idea how whoever caught him managed to do so. He flies hard and fast around our house and letting him out is an all day affair! I don't think he'll ever be tame, but that's OK. I'm just happy on a day like today that he's indoors and safe :-) I don't think Muffin likes him, but we'll see. Here's a clip of Feisty and his babbling:


  1. Hi Christine, thanks for stopping by. Hope school is going well for you. I love living with birds, we had 3 cockatiel;s in the past and they were so much fun.

  2. Awww I miss the budgie bablling. Congrats on your new addition! Muffin sounds like a lot of fun too!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I love this post! I hope they will get along ;o)

  4. :-) Birds are endlessly fascinating! Have you ever had any pet birds?

  5. Marlene, I can't imagine life with three cockatiels. Muffin already seems like three - he loves bread and I caught him trying to make a hole in the bread bag this morning! School is going well, but it will be over soon, whew!

    Yup, that's why we got a little budgie Pam. They are just so darling and cheery. Muffin is more on the complainy side :-)