Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Other Best Christmas Gift!

What do you give someone that has everything? What do you give someone that has asked for no gift? The simple answer is the gift of love :-)

My parents came over on Boxing Day and Mom had a large frame with her. What could it be? I found out in an instant and I LOVE IT! Years ago the only craft I practiced was cross-stitch and I only completed three large scale pieces (others remain unfinished as of this writing!). Maybe this piece, Country Alphabet, had a better chance of being finished because it simply was an alphabet.

The frame is 18x24" and I was pleased to see that Mom had made a buffer so that stitches would not get crushed. I can't tell you how long it took me to finish this. I probably started it in 1995. I had to improvise on the U because it featured a portrait of Uncle Sam, and being Canadian, well...

I moved a few times since finishing it and and I always wondered where my alphabet went. When I was cleaning out the basement this past summer, I was sure I would find it. Turns out I had the wrong basement!

I still love cross-stitch, but it's so hard for me to complete for some reason. I have a horse pattern on my website that you might enjoy! I got halfway through stitching the model and then I gave up. Sigh! It's a wonder anything gets done with me!


  1. What a beautiful gift Christine!! Excellent! So touching! I really love what your parents did for you! The horse pattern is really nice, you should do it ;o)

  2. Wow beautiful job on the stitching and how nice of your parents to do that for you, it looks beautiful framed!

  3. Thanks guys! I'm really touched by it and it makes me smile every time I walk by it. I'm not sure where I will hang it yet as it probably needs drywall screws.

    LOL Stacey, if I find the horse again I'll finish it :-) It's tempting to frame the unfinished pieces I have, such as a giant peacock, a unicorn...they look more interesting incomplete some how.