Sunday, September 4, 2011

An ACEO from Angelself

Lucky blog contest winner Kathryn posted a cute photo of the magnet she won and I remembered that I had promised to blog about an ACEO I bought from her this past spring. It seems like forever ago, but I would not want to break a promise :-)

Dream Bird

This was the fastest Etsy transaction ever made after I read about it on the ACETSY Yahoo!Group. Not only do I love it because it's purple, but the adorable girl and bird reminded me of myself and my dear budgie Moxie who passed away two years ago. As someone who is also owned by parrots, Kathryn really gets birds! Thank you Kathryn for creating this ACEO!


  1. This aceo is gorgeous! I can see why you had such a connection with it ;o)

  2. That is really sweet! I love purple, too!

  3. Wow, thanks for the post Christine! Violet Girl with Bird is one of my favorite ACEOs, too =) I think of this precious little painting often. In fact, I'm planning on making one or two aceo prints of it for my booth at our annual Art Slam in Oct.
    I'm so happy that this special ACEO found a home with a fellow birdlover!! Kathryn