Tuesday, July 5, 2016

3 Easy Ways to Cut Tissue Paper for Crafts

Every now and then I enjoy making a craft video. I am by no means a pro at it, but each one gets a little better every time. There are so many factors such as audio, lighting, camera positioning and complaining cockatiels :-D

I finally made a title card after noticing that some craft videos have some pretty snazzy introductions. I made a black & white drawing, cleaned it up in Corel Photo Paint and then converted it to a vector image in CorelDraw so the colours could be changed easily.

Inspiration came from a video that suggested putting the camera tripod on top of the desk. It's hard to craft with a tripod between you and your hands, so this worked well, except the video is upside down and rotating it can look funny. Time to do things the left handed way until I get a fancier set up :-D

I'm pleased to show off this technique for cutting tissue paper. I figured it out back in spring when making a card for my friend Always Artistic and taking photos just didn't seem to do. Take a look and let me know if this is a technique that you would like to try as well!


  1. Christine, nice to hear you! I love the card you made for Pam! Love hearing your bird too! LOL! Great video! You have some cool gadgets! I like your ideas! Thanks for everything!

  2. Heheh Stacy, you're awesome :-D I have a funny outtake from another video where Muffin just couldn't stop whistling.

    I do have a lot of gadgets - I guess it comes from being a nerd :-D