Sunday, October 2, 2016

Calgary Mini Maker Faire 2016

I gotta get better at writing about events before they happen! But with the preparing, packing, printing and promoting, the peace and place to pontificate doesn't often happen.

I jumped at the chance to be part Of the Calgary Mini Maker Faire when I saw the ad on Facebook. I had previously attended Maker Faire but had never thought I would have something to show off. Then I remembered the presentation that I did for my fibre class about knitting machines. I have three of them! With this realization, an idea was born and I applied.

When the acceptance email came through, I was super jazzed. Time to prep! As the big weekend approached, I became kind of nervous. What if people thought that knitting machines were no fun? What if no one wanted to talk to me? I would be sitting there all day Facebooking or something.

I had no reason to worry - the table was immensely popular. It was just me manning the table and I had lots of people of all ages who wanted to take a try at the knitting machines. I had brought a dozen balls of yarn and it wasn't enough. Despite all my planning, I didn't guess that some would like to make and take something on the knitting machine.

By the second day I was starting to lose my voice and I had to change the table up so that only I was using the knitting machine :D As they say, you don't know what you don't know and if I return next year I will bring Mom or a friend so I can look at the other exhibits.Fortunately the volunteers and organizers made the whole event run so smoothly that it was a great experience all around. Maybe I will even have a different idea too!

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