Monday, May 21, 2018

GDPR...what's that?

Lately you may have noticed that every site that you have an account on has been busy sending out emails about updated privacy notices. This has been spurred in part by new European Union legislation called General Data Protection Regulation. I'll keep updating this post with information on how I collect and use data on my different websites, starting with Blogger.

Artfire - ArtFire's Privacy Policy. I used to have an ArtFire shop, which was discontinued in 2015. ArtFire provided me with information to complete the transaction. All transaction records received at my Gmail account before 2015 have been deleted from my Gmail account but may remain stored on Google's servers.

Blogger - Blogger's Privacy Policy. By commenting on this blog, you may be disclosing your name or username to others. I don't back up this blog (it's pretty ephemeral!), so your information remains on Google's servers and is not stored locally. I do use Google Analytics to track visits to this site, however, and that information is collected and used by Google.

Etsy - Etsy's Policies. Use of Etsy requires accepting their terms and conditions and now individual shops are required to have a privacy policy. In a nutshell, I will only collect information required to complete the transaction, but it is outlined in more detail on my shop page. All transaction emails older than 2015 have been deleted from my Gmail account.

LiveJournal - LJ's Terms of Service. By commenting on LJ, you may be disclosing your name or username to others. I don't back up this blog either, so your information remains on Livejournal's servers and is not stored locally nor tracked by Google Analytics. It may be of interest to you to know that in 2017, Livejournal's servers were moved to Russia and that it has long been a Russian company.

Pinterest - Pinterest's Privacy Policy. Pinterest will notify me when another user has liked or saved my pins, but I do not collect this information for long-term use.

Zazzle - Zazzle's Privacy Policy. The only information about the purchaser that I receive from Zazzle is first name, location and item purchased. This information remains on Zazzle's server. I have no way of contacting purchasers and do not download sales information from the site.


  1. It's crazy how many e-mails I have been getting too! And, with Etsy, we have to write out own? I still have to do that!

    1. Yeah! Crazy and confusing :/ I use this blog for personal stuff too, just not biz stuff.