Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring! Is it here at last?

Happy spring! Here's to crocuses, bunnies, lambs and things! We've had a hard winter here with few chinooks - the warm winds that blow through here - and surprise flurries like no tomorrow. I suppose weather is relative, really, because it was not as cold as some parts. Apparently today we're going to get a spring blizzard though.

Here's our new bird feeder, taken a couple of weeks ago during one of those extra snowy days. The old one was plastic and battered from several years of being in the wind. Our part of town is really windy, sometimes we'll get gusts of up to 90km/h or more. For you non-metric folks, that about 55mph or more. It finally cracked enough to be useless. This cedar one is pretty solid and loaded with two packs of suet. I haven't seen any birds at it yet...but then there haven't been many birds around. This happens every year - they seem to hunker down somewhere for winter, but when spring and summer comes, they empty the feeder daily!

In the past the feeder has attracted house finches, sparrows, pigeons, mice, wild rabbits and an orange tabby cat! Last month I saw magpies for the first time in our neighbourhood and I'm pretty sure I did hear a chickadee near the bus stop. All it takes is one bird to tell his birdie friends and we're in business!

Our new bird feeder

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