Saturday, April 4, 2009

Birdie Going-Ons

Spring is trying so hard to appear. There are green shoots on the laws, a little bit of green to one of my irises...I'll have to check the buds on the lilac bush.

This sparrow had the right idea - just one of the better shots of some sparrows I took March 21st. I wish they hadn't been up so high! They were so busy building their nest before the big spring blizzard.

And speaking of shooting birds, I had one of those great shoulda woulda could moments last Saturday. The day before was beautiful and sunny and it occurred to me that this was the kind of day I should take my camera with me to work. But in the morning rush, it was left on the kitchen table. I was running late and I hoofed it down to the main drag as I had missed all the express buses through my neighbourhood. As fate would have it, the best opportunity I had ever had to take a photo of a robin was presented to me. He (or she) was sitting in a bare tree on the outside branches and really close to me! They sat there very still for a long time, just enough to get a few shots off. It was the kind of picture that wouldn't have had the house in the background either.

I went to the same spot the next morning, but it had been snowing softly and was pretty overcast. It was fact, treacherously slippery with the new snow and I fell backwards near the back alley. I couldn't hear any robins, just sparrow morse code and the honking of returning Canada geese. It was all for naught too, as I had forgotten to load the memory card!

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