Monday, October 19, 2009

Just a little sun, please?

If only my inner sunshine was enough sometimes! One of the realities of living in a less than sunny place is the lack of sunshine! I really should invest in a couple of indoor lamps for photography. I ordered two plastic heads to display my hats on, and this post would be full of hat pictures if the weather had only co-operated. When the sun did peek out from behind the clouds on the weekend, it wasn't for very long. Today a cold front swooped in. Brrrr! I'm hoping the robin that is tootling about our neighbourhood knows it is time to head south now!


  1. I have this tablecloth I made out of a light blue sheet for the winter solstice. I use it as an altar cloth, and every year, when the sun is going away and going away and hiding behind fall storm clouds, I bring it out and use it somehow, on the altar or the table or anywhere.

    It helps.

  2. indoor lamps for photography, something I would like as well! lol My indoor lighting is horrible! Hope the sun comes out soon!

  3. I ended up using the UV lamp I bought for the birds yesterday. I did a bad, bad, bad thing and mixed three light sources - but at least I got some good photos!

    Simbelmyne...I thought Australia was more or less always sunny?