Monday, November 2, 2009

November ACEO Treasure Hunt!

This treasure hunt is actually pretty neat and I thought I would have to bow out of it at the last minute. For the past week and a half, I had a doozy of a cold!

This month's theme is "Fabric of Our Lives". Comment at least once at each of the 6 blogs by November 6th at 12am EST. Each blog is giving away a prize, but to be eligible to win, you have to comment in each blog! Here's how the loop goes:

Carole, Pam, Marlene, Kathy, Allie, Me!

And what can you win from me? I'm going to to give the winner their choice of photo ACEO from the four below. Photography is near and dear to my heart, I sometimes tell people that my camera is my best friend (next to my wonderful husband of course!). It's my eyes and my memory. Here's a little patchwork of favourites:

I love to travel. This face is from a statue at Hoover Dam, Nevada. Travel is the best way to understand others, I think.

I adore birds, but maybe you already knew that :-) This is Mr. Jill. I love that I have this to remember him by.

I live in a beautiful province - Alberta! It has sky, mountains and prairies that make my spirit soar.

Flowers - I love them. The crocus has only ever bloomed once, but I'm optimistic about it every spring.

If you have questions about the treasure hunt, please email me and I'll be happy to answer! Remember that you have to visit the other blogs in the hunt for a chance to win - Carole, Pam, Marlene, Kathy, Allie. I will pick a winner from those that complete the loop.


  1. Lovely nature photography! So inspiring.


  2. i adore mr. jill!!! i'm an avid birder & take many shots but end up with lots of blur! he's gorgeous!

  3. with winter approaching, the crocus looks hopeful. good luck in the spring.

  4. Beautiful pictures! Yes Alberta is so beautiful, I agree!

  5. Beautiful Photos, I love the bird, he reminds me of the parakeet we had when I was a child - we just called him Pretty Boy.

  6. Yay, it's treasure hunt time! your photos are lovely! I especially love Mr. Jill- I read further down your blog and saw that he passed. I had a budgie I adored for 12 years named Alomar. He was so smart, friendly, just a wonderful character. I was so upset when he died.

    I wanted to also thank you for the beautiful ACEO card I won last time. ( I had quite the winning streak back then and realized I forgot to thank you!).

  7. The camera is a wonderful thing, isn't it? Family and friends poke fun at me because it seems to be an extra appendage on my body as it goes everywhere with me always. You understand ~ I can see that in your photographs.

  8. Christine, we have a lot in common - traveling, a love of birds and flowers! I would love to visit Alberta someday - it looks amazing!

  9. fear_n_loathing says hello ^_^.

    Now off to leave cryptic messages in the other blogs....or not, I guess I might need to get in touch somehow ha ha.

    This is fun!

  10. have such a photographic talent....lovely pics!!!

  11. I love that photo of Mr. Jill soooo much!

  12.'re quite welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Thanks everyone for the comments about Mr. Jill! It's funny how sometimes the smallest life has the biggest impact on you :-)

    Pat, I hear ya! They move so fast, they're really hard to capture. I had one good shot out of many of a sparrow. He was catching flies. If it wasn't blurry, the best one would have been of him with his beak wide open!