Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Surefire Weight Loss Guaranteed!

Lest y'all think my blog was hacked, it's still me, Christine! But I did lose in a single day and here's my secret - the Garbage Good Guys! The truck showed up this morning and the nice young man tossed our mountain of styrofoam, the old barbecue, leftovers from the building of the garage, bags of garbage (our local pick up only seems to take two), an old office chair, a broken power shovel that my husband couldn't fix and other...well, garbage!

It was so good to see it all go, although I wish there was a way to recycle styrofoam residentially. Usually we're pretty good about reusing, recycling and repairing, but some things just had to go. The styrofoam alone took up the same space as two hallway closets, and now I can use that for other things, like art supplies ;-)

Tomorrow is garbage day and I can't wait for our blue cart to be emptied. The blue carts are 65 gallons at least, and when you have a lot of boxes to break down, fills up fast.

I started on a ninth box for the Salvation Army as well. I really want to live with less and live with the things that are more important to me instead, like my husband, my family, my art and my Muffin :-)


  1. I think I may follow you and finish cleaning out my basement!

  2. What an accomplishment, seems to be the theme in a lot of blogs - Spring Cleaning??? I am inspired to start clearing out some of my junk. That is a promise to myself as soon as we return from the mountains. I will be gone a few days then will be refreshed and ready to go to work.

  3. Glad to have inspired you Lily and Marlene! Basements are always such problem areas. It's nice to be to walk and not step on something :-D

    I'm not surprised that spring cleaning is on everyone's mind. I feel super dedicated to it this year.

  4. Hey girl! Been a long time since I've been by or blogging (about 8 months I think!) I've had some health problems and havent been able to be on the computer or even sell or make soap )-: it was so nice to catch up on your blog and you! I've been doing the whole spring cleaning thing too, just got started tho...ugh..such work! But this time, NOTHING is coming back in the house!!!!!!! I'm committed! Good luck to you too! less is more!

  5. Don't you just love spring cleaning! I love to do it but need to do it more often.

    We just did a Garage sale and have a ton left over, it's all being sold or given away, don't want it back in the house! LOL