Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June Contest - Where Was I?

I feel so bad that I couldn't get a contest going for May, but the upside is that there will be two winners for June! That's some pretty good odds.

As a photographer and artist, travel is essential to me. Not only do I enjoy travelling and photographing what I find, but I love indulging in the local arts and history. It's hard to believe that two weeks ago I was in Prince Edward Island for a conference. When I was laid off, it was all too easy to give up the trip, but, I figured, I have my whole life to pay off the debt.

Prince Edward Island is Canada's smallest province, but one that is packed with history. Many of the buildings in Charlottetown, one of two cities on the island, are heritage buildings faced in brick or wood-sided houses painted in heritage colours. Charlottetown is also the provincial capital, and this city of 14,000 people is also the home of Confederation - the birth of Canada!

Pottery seems to be overwhelming popular on the island and it was enjoyable to visit art galleries and pottery studios. If I come back, I hope it will be for an artist residency. Travel lets me replenish my catalog of photos and bring back new stories for friends and customers alike. And speaking of stories...

It was unfortunately overcast when I visited this home to a famous fictional Canadian heroine. To win two greeting cards featuring Prince Edward Island's famous red cliffs, what is the name of this house? Comment with your answer by 6pm on June 30 and I'll randomly draw two winners from the correct answers. Prizes will be sent when the postal strike is over :-P


  1. Wow sounds like you had a blast. Glad you didn't have to give up the trip. It's been a few years since I have seen the movies but I guess Green Gables... I bought my mom the trilogy for her birthday we just have to watch it.

  2. Good Morning, no clue as to the name of the house. It is that time of year to be traveling. I to will be off on a short jaunt. My son is staying at our place while we are in the mountains.

  3. It sounds like you had a great time! I visited Prince Edward Island a long time ago. I want to go back ;o) I'm guessing the same as Pam, Green Gables House ;o) Take Care ;o)