Thursday, July 7, 2011

Princess, A Feral Cat

Princess by Calzephyr
Princess, a photo by Calzephyr on Flickr.

My portfolio is often lacking in animals other than horses and birds :-D Princess is a feral cat who adopted my parents over the winter. They have taken to feeding stray cats in their neighbourhood and slowly over the months, Princess has gained their trust. Dad can pick her up now and she plays with him so happily!

She's also a mouser though, and they can't enjoy squirrels and birds in their yard anymore! She will come into the house, but would likely panic if the door was shut on her. I spent today with my folks and I wish she was not so suspicious of the camera, but I am happy to get portrait of her :-)


  1. Princess looks beautiful! She is lucky to have found your parents ;o)

  2. I think so Stacy...animals always find the good homes on their own quite nicely :-)

  3. Wow she is beautiful. Love her coloring.

  4. She has four little mittens and a black tip on her tail :-) Wish she liked the camera more, but I'm happy with just this.