Sunday, July 3, 2011

Stanhope Beach, Prince Edward Island

As I mentioned before, most of my trip to Prince Edward Island was overcast and rainy, but towards the end there were a few good sunny days and it was so fortunate that Wednesday, when I met up with a Facebook friend, that it was super sunny and warm! Like any place, PEI suffers from a touristy syndrome...Mom and I did a bus tour but it couldn't give us all the wonderful local knowledge that Kelly provided for us. She should be doing the tours :-D

The Red Shores Racetrack was not too far from our hotel and Kelly deked in there, where we met some standardbred horses. Then it was off to her Mom's house where we had a lovely homemade surf and turf meal. Lobster is really not for me, but I tried it :-) After constantly eating out, it was so wonderful to eat home cooking.

After dinner it was time to hit the road and we went to Stanhope Beach. I have to admit that I saw a lot of the island, but I had no reference point for anything. We walked on the beach in the evening sun and Kelly explained all the different kinds of sea life that washed up on the shore, such as different shells and seaweed. As a prairie person, the ocean is always fascinating and enjoyable. It's hard to believe that large bodies of water exist :-D

Here's a great picture I took of the boardwalk at Stanhope - wish I was there again!

Boardwalk, Stanhope, Beach, Prince Edward Island


  1. What fun that you got to meet up with your facebook friend! I've never been to PEI so I am really enjoying your posts. Even though I live right up the street from a lake, there is nothing like being at the ocean. Beautiful shot!

  2. Yeah! Now I can put a voice to a face! The ocean is so different - the smell is just incredible, as well as the sheer power of the waves.

  3. Hey Christine, so cool, that you met with a facebook friend. I love the photo! I can just imagine my self there! Take Care ;o)

  4. Thanks Stacy! Maybe if I go back to Ontario some day, I can meet you! Then we could trade ATCs :-D

  5. Wow beautiful. Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation!