Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Oh, Twilight!

I saw the first part of Breaking Dawn last night with some friends and I must say, I have never laughed so hard in a movie before. I absolutely couldn't help myself. You know that one person that spoils a movie for serious fans with all their laughter? Unfortunately that person was me!

I am not a huge Twilight fan. I read the books because my friends had done so, and even those I found hilariously bad. It's kind of sad, because there were lots of good ideas there, and even a great story, but it was consistently buried by long romantic stares and constant whinging between Edward and Jacob. In the books I loved Edward, but in the movies I'm squarely in the Jacob camp. Taylor Lautner brings a real sensitivity to the character, whereas I don't think Robert Pattison does much for Edward at all.

Sure, there were intentionally funny parts, such as the wedding speeches, but others that were so unintentionally funny I'm amazed that the actors could play them with a straight face. The birth scene was not as bad as I expected and I'm glad a lot of the book filler was left right out. Can't wait for part 2!


  1. I was going to see this last Friday night I decided to wait till the frenzy was over. I read all the books as well and the last book was the farthest fetched and I want to go just so I see how they translate some of the over the top things into film. Another reason I waited, is that I just detest how Hollywood separates a book into to parts with a year in between. That is just so unfulfilling! I mean you leave the theater and the you have to wait for the best part...that is what they did with Harry Potter too...Its all about how much money they can make. Sad.

  2. Haven't seen it and to be honest, I will probably wait, till I can see it on t.v! LOL!

  3. Oh yes, they're best seen on TV Stacy :-) I had points on my Scene card, so it was free. There was nothing that really need a big screen. In the past my friends and I went to midnight openings and there was a pretty cool vibe happening because everyone couldn't wait to be the first!

    It is maddening Crystal! They left off at a really good part. Sigh...hopefully I'll have enough points to see it for free! I think you will be happy with the editing overall.

  4. Awww sorry you can't enjoy them! I read the first 2 books and saw the first 3 movies, to me they are pretty good but I am not a die hard fan, I enjoyed watching them the first time though!

  5. Oh, but I did enjoy them Pam! They're bad in a good way :-)