Sunday, November 13, 2011

Whew, winner!

Oh man, it has been forever since I could sit down and blog. School has been c-r-a-z-y with several projects due at the same time. I also had to put in extra time for the second weaving project. Oh, how it went badly! I had to re-thread the loom four times!

I used the always nifty to pick Ayala Art. She is also a Libra and an ACEtsy team member :-)

Congrats! I indeed went to Las Vegas back in September. It seems like so long ago! I'm hoping that I will have a chance to take some photos of all the Art O Mat pieces. Maybe I'll get done that by Christmas :-D

Speaking of Christmas, I have already done two Christmas craft sales. I was at the Fort Calgary Artisan Fair with Bubblegum Sass and then Mom and I were at a community craft sale as well. I love November because it's the only time I get to meet and greet with customers in person. Unfortunately I have had to cut back because of school and work, so I just have two more left to do!


  1. You have been busy! Sorry you had to re-thread the loom four times! Yeh to Martha! Lucky girl ;o)

  2. I know! I can't wait for Christmas break :-)

  3. Martha Congrats!!! You have been good (& busy) getting your sales happening & meeting & greeting, that would scare me to do it in person LOL, good luck with the next two :)

  4. Congratulations, Martha! Christine, I've been crazy busy, too. I did a small artshow on Oct 15th, worked at the Hanbury Haunted Barn Oct 30&31, helped with cat adoptions last weekend. My birthday is Saturday, and I have a booth with Wendy Edmond at Bridge Street Market on Bradenton Beach this Sunday. I helped my sister to get a booth for Gulf Shore Animal League, too. I'm donating some art so they can do a raffle ;)

    Gotta run and paint some Xmas bulbs and make more prints of my cat art! Hope you have great sales at your shows!! =)

  5. Whew, you're a busier gal than I am Kathryn! Happy birthday to you!

    Shelle, it was good to see that you're blogging again too. I'm glad the aliens let us have you back!

  6. Congrats Martha!
    Wow your really busy, hope you get a break soon! Glad your having fun with the craft fairs!