Sunday, October 13, 2013

Gift Art, Part Two!

Hello dear readers! I hope to start catching up on blogging again. September was a whirl of papermaking, being three people at once at work, and then somehow October turned into a new getting a new job and more. Crazy times!

As I mentioned in my last gift art post, if you get to know me long enough, chances are that you will get a piece of art from me! Here is a piece that I made for Pam of Always Artistic. It's a folded ACEO of her sun conure, Jessie James. I wanted to make Pam a gift for being such a great friend. I just couldn't seem to fit all of Jessie in until I thought "outside the box". It was folded and fastened with a yellow strip of paper. Thanks Pam for all you do for ACEO fans by organizing swaps and resources.