Saturday, July 20, 2019

New on Creative Market and Etsy - Pony Portraits!

It's always amazing how long it takes me to get something to market - mostly because I still have a full time job that needs attention. In 2016, I drew these cute little ponies for Christmas cards. I scanned them before cutting them up, knowing that I would fix them up at a later date. The hand drawn look is quite charming, after all! To save time, I whipped up the line art on my computer and printed them out on a sheet of cardstock. I coloured a wide variety of horse coat colours.

Hand drawn horse heads

Recently, I had the time to sit down and clean up the pictures so I could offer them as clip art on Creative Market and Etsy. Usually clean up involves removing dust and scratch, little spots and fixing up stray lines or the eyes. As I zoomed in on the horses, I discovered yellow dots. All. Over. The. Place. Ugh!!! Suddenly having to do clean up was seriously time consuming! What had happened? Well, it turns out that some home printers have anti-counterfeiting and tracking capabilities called machine identification code. So yes, your printer could be spying on you. Sometimes failure presents an opportunity. It would be far easier to retrace the images in CorelDraw and make flat clip art than clean up all the dots. So the cute little hand drawn ponies morphed! In the end it was a better idea as I could offer more colours in the clip art package.

Horse Heads

Many people think success is a straight line, but it's not. It's more of a curvy path where you wander in circles until you get to your destination :-D The pony clip art will be perfect for anything pony related - there's 72 images in CMYK and RGB JPG along with PNGs in the package. I'm going to make stickers out of them and maybe magnets too! Of course, you can buy the package for personal use on Etsy or licence the commercial rights through Creative Market.