Saturday, January 8, 2011

John, Nude Drawings (Work Safe)

I went back to school on Thursday and I was really excited. My week was off to a crappy start and I didn't know that drawing was the ultimate cure! I haven't drawn much since the summer, sad to say, so the results were pretty surprising, even with the flaws. I can't wait to see how good I'll be in four months. Our model was John, a senior gentleman who is a fabulous model. I have pondered signing up for being a model ($16.50 an hour!) and apparently the hardest thing is not getting your clothes off. It's staying still for extended periods of time.

My teacher is local artist Chris Cran and he seems a jolly sort. He was very friendly and we drew for six hours, three hours at a time. It looks like everyone in the class is pretty talented and this was a good way for him to assess where everyone was at. I really enjoy going around the classroom because everyone's take is so different. I'm going to bring better paper next time. I regret that all I have are cell phone pictures, but I plan on taking these and making them into larger drawings. BTW, I will only ever post work safe nudes to my feeds, so don't worry :-).

Click for larger


  1. Beautiful work Christine ;o) I really love your drawings. I think it would be very hard to pose for so long. You should try it at home first, and see if you can do it.

  2. Great work, it will be fun to follow along and see your progress. I don't think I could hold a pose that long or sit and draw for that long at a time. I need to move around and change position quite frequently.

  3. Beautiful.
    I know I couldn't sit that long doing nothing. lol I like to always be doing something.

  4. Stacy, that's a great idea. I bet five minutes seems like forever when you're twisted like a pretzel :-D I had one model once that could stand on her head for half an hour!!

    Same here Marlene and Pam, I do like to move around a bit. I bet I would bust out giggling or something like that! But the experience and money is tempting...something neat to have on the resume!

  5. Stand on her head for half an hour!! That's crazy!! LOL!! Good for her!