Friday, December 30, 2011

Craft Time with Muffin!

At this rate, he needs his own craft box!

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas is for silly gifts...

My husband is the King of Small Appliances. Honest. From juicers to panini presses, small appliances fill up my kitchen. Every time he brings home a new one I try to find room for it. Usually the appeal of the new toy wears off pretty fast, but sometimes not. Last year I received a Breville Milk Frother as a belated gift. A milk frother, eh? This is a product photo:

I didn't think much of the frother at first, but then he made me the most delicious hot chocolate ever! It heats up milk to your desired temperature and once it gets going, you can add hot chocolate or other ingredients to it. Plus the lid is designed to give your nice hot drink a frothy foamy layer. I was impressed! No more nuking milk in the microwave and trying to guess when it's done! For a one trick pony appliance it sure has a permanent place on the counter!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

School's Out

And boy, am I glad! I have not really enjoyed this past semester at all. One of the dangers of art school is that it can beat the creativity out of you, and I really feel that way. Last night I was organized some of my lovely patterned papers and just couldn't seem to find that spark. In the the box of paper I found a colour copy of an illustration that I did for a friend years ago and it made me smile. Part of the wonder of it was that I was making it for a friend, and that the idea came so easily.

I'm suffering from a strange sort of confusion. I'm not sure what I really learned in the last four months. The last two projects in drawing did not go well. Same with the final weaving project. I was happy with the piece, which I will share in another post, but that my teacher wasn't bothered me. I was trying a new technique out and instead of a finished piece, the weaving was more like a sampler or a sketch for another project. The potential in it that I saw kind of died away. Building skill is one thing, but retaining the thing that you want to use that skill for is quite another.

Friday, December 9, 2011

My Colour Wheel

Weaving is not quite over yet, although drawing is thankfully. In mid-November we spent a day dying wool with acid dyes. Each student had to make enough samples of one colour series for the whole class. I ended up getting black, which turned out more purple gray! At least I could tell that there was light, medium and dark!

We could organize our samples any way we liked. Mackenzie jokingly said he would be disappointed if anyone made theirs into a unicorn. How could I not? :)

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