Sunday, April 11, 2021

In the Homestretch!

Ah student life! The end of a semester always seems so far away until all your final projects and exams are due ;-D

Here's what this week is looking like for me:

April 11th:

ACAD310 - finish homework and write artist statement
PPRL304 - photograph candy and work on presentation

April 12th:

ACAD310 - crit day
ENGL400 - download final exam outline and prep
PPRL304 - work on presentation

April 13-15th

ENGL400 - final exam prep
PPRL304 - keep working on presentation

April 16th

ENGL400 - write final exam
PPRL304 - email in presentation, lawyer guest speaker

April 19th

ACAD310 - crit day, submit final reading response


Saturday, February 27, 2021

ACAD310 - Spotlight on Jack Whitten

I'm always happy to share my art education with you, the reader. One of the advantages of taking so long with my degree is that there's no shortage of new ideas to learn about. The artistic canon has also grown and become more diverse over the years. There are many artists who were contemporaries of famous artists, but, for whatever reason, did not receive as much attention. American artist Jack Whitten (1939-2018) is spotlighted in this video below that we have to watch for next Monday's ACAD310 class.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

PPRL304 - Guest Speaker Mandy Stobo

In yesterday's entrepreneurship class we had a guest artist, Mandy Stobo, who found her way into the art world via Bad Portraits on Twitter. Mandy moves, and never really stops moving! Nowadays she experiments with VR and augumented reality. Here's a couple videos about her!

Sunday, February 7, 2021

ACAD310 - Timeless

I can't believe the first week of February is over. I'm taking two lecture classes and one studio class this semester at Alberta University of the Arts, formerly ACAD. Here's my first project, a non-functional clock called Timeless.

It's also hard to believe that I have been working from home for almost a year. The meaning of time has vastly changed, hence why the clock doesn't have any traditional markers of time passing. The orange and navy blue faces move. The clock measures 12x24", is wrapped in scrap fabric and cardstock and all the faces were actually cut by hand instead of a digital die cutter. You'll see something different depending on height and time of day with the foil faces.

My studio class is ACAD310, but what really makes it interesting is that broad topics unite a broad selection of disciplines. Students work in their chosen medium based around a suggestion. The topic for the first assignment revolved (heh) around time, cycles, and the future. I jumped at this and made a clock that lacks the traditional markers of time passing. I took a lot of in progress pictures and you'll be amazed that this was the final product. Stay tuned for those.


Monday, January 4, 2021

New for the New Year!

Happy new year! I already have one goal accomplished. After years (and almost 200 sales) of my tea cup cutting file package, you can now licence them for commercial use instead of just personal use. Creative Market does all the legwork.

I never knew that this would be a bestseller. I photographed a tea cup from my collection and then the photos sat unedited for some time until...2015? 2016? Whenever Etsy enabled automatic digital downloads anyway. Then it took me forever to list it on CM because preview images had to be designed. No cookie cutter clip art here, anyway.

Licence SVG tea cup bundle on Creative Market

Monday, December 21, 2020

FIBRE 300 - Fosshape

My art college, AU Arts, has done a great job of keeping students connected while beingn apart. There are some things I miss about being in class with others like spontaneous ideas and peeking over shoulders and wandering hallways. I miss networking with my fellow students, but we're still getting plenty of time to chat in small groups. I learned about a thermoplastic called Fosshape during one of these chats. There's a bit of a learning curve ahead, but I was blown away by how cool it is. There's also another product made by the same company called Wonderflex. The best part is that I can buy it at a theatre shop in my end of town even though it's a bit pricey. I thought I would use it for the third project, but didn't. Who knows down the road though?

Saturday, December 19, 2020

FIBRE 300 - Project 2 Ornamentation

I can't believe I have to go so far back to log this project. Sitting down was a luxury this semester and there's still some more projects to go. For project 2 we had to create an ornament of some sort. Some classmates made hair pieces, some made jewellery and others did ornamentation on fabric. With the art college closed, it was a challenge if you don't have a home studio set up. I didn't even have time to order the materials I wanted to use because the mail is so slow these days. I wanted to buy proper soutache braid, which is a thin flexible braid found on uniforms and such. I blogged about the technique for making soutache jewellery in my last post.

I opted for "fake soutache" with nylon cord. I wanted to use a nicer focal bead or piece of glass, but I was limited to what was in the craft stash and what I could buy at Michaels. It's a little embarrassing how much glue I used. I wanted to make a pin, but I ended up making a picture instead by mounting it on heavy duty black felt. The figure was made from layers of felt and built up.

This feels like a protoype for me. I would do it much differently a second time around. I would make the base from thick cardboard or hobby wood so that it would have enough structure to be used as a pin instead of being floppy. I would commission a bead artist to make me a beautiful custom bead too.

Budgie soutache