Sunday, April 11, 2021

In the Homestretch!

Ah student life! The end of a semester always seems so far away until all your final projects and exams are due ;-D

Here's what this week is looking like for me:

April 11th:

ACAD310 - finish homework and write artist statement
PPRL304 - photograph candy and work on presentation

April 12th:

ACAD310 - crit day
ENGL400 - download final exam outline and prep
PPRL304 - work on presentation

April 13-15th

ENGL400 - final exam prep
PPRL304 - keep working on presentation

April 16th

ENGL400 - write final exam
PPRL304 - email in presentation, lawyer guest speaker

April 19th

ACAD310 - crit day, submit final reading response