Monday, May 9, 2016

New budgie colouring book

A couple of weeks ago I added a new printable colouring book to my Etsy shop. It's all about budgies! In fact, it's called OMG Budgies!!!. Like most budgie lovers, it's so exciting when you see something with a budgie on it! The big parrots get all the attention :-) I have so many budgie photos over the years that it was a no brainer to pick favourites of Moxie, Mr. Jill, Mellow and Feisty to turn into line art. I really enjoyed it and I found a lot of photos that I had forgotten about over the years. The colouring book is just $5 and you can print as many copies as you like for home use. Watch for a few paper copies at sales too - in fact, I sold the first paper copy at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. The customer was overjoyed. OMG budgies!!!