Sunday, June 7, 2020

Spring 2020--Birds and Blooms

I haven't been drawing or arting much lately as it's spring! Spring comes to Calgary kind of late, which means there is plenty to capture yet.

Male red-winged blackbird

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Gimme A B! Plus!

I really can't believe it's June. It's like time is broken in my brain. I really have to work hard on knowing what day it is, so I'm checking my ACAD webmail feverishly so I don't miss out on registration for next semester. This is w-i-l-d, but all classes will be online! This is something I wanted so badly. The technology has always existed--the will to use it has not. I would have been done my degree a lot faster. Anyway, I'm excited to see what I can take.

I was a few points short of a A in my textiles class, but a B+ is pretty nifty. The class taught me that I needed to upgrade my technical sewing skills if I want to do really well. Oddly enough, you'd be surprised at how much in the way of skill art college doesn't teach you sometimes ;-D Maybe I can take an online sewing class or just practice more on the machine.

I picked up my locker contents yesterday. Access to the college is still closed, but the bookstore is doing curbside pick up. Happily I only had a sweater, a hairbrush and my two projects to pick up. Less is more when it comes to lockers and I'm sure security was thankful they didn't have any moldy food or other ungodly things to do with for me!