Saturday, March 18, 2017

Getting ready for the comic expo...

Somehow I forgot to hit the publish button on this post from March!

One of the things on my to-do list for February was "write two blog posts". Ha-hah! February was a really tough month here - it was so grey and blah and I just had too much personal stuff going on to be productive. Fortunately I broke through that and I simply had to because the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo is a month and a half away. My friend Noela Jewelry and I will once again be vending in the Artist Alley. One of the things that I have found difficult was to build a portfolio appropriate for the comic expo - while I like a lot of nerdy stuff and comics and movies, I just wasn't passionate enough about any one thing besides My Little Pony, unicorns and birds.

My husband spoiled me and bought me a Nintendo 3DSXL for Christmas in 2015 so I could play Animal Crossing. It's a cute game that was available on the Game Cube years ago and is still popular. Basically you're the mayor of a little town and you run around doing favours for the animal villagers and pay off your mortgage :-D It's fun to play because you can visit other towns and trade with friends. Last year I did up a whole bunch of sketches for sale of Animal Crossing characters and I was so surprised that they sold well at $2 a pop. I turned some of these sketches into marker and pencil crayon drawings and I'm so happy with them. Here are the four I have done so far - Bob, Ruby, Blaire and Winnie. Stay tuned!

Bob shows off a red snapper!
Finished Ruby! Unfortunate tree placement gives her a broccoli wig :D
ACNL Blaire. Originally she was was Mint, but a green squirrel was a bit much!
And Winnie is done