Saturday, October 15, 2011

September/October Blog Contest

Hi guys! I miss blogging. I actually miss having free time as well. Even though I'm taking two classes this semester, they proved to be the most time consuming. I have been spending just about every weekend at the college.

But I have also been taking the time out to have fun - I went to a fabulous mystery destination. Guess where I went in the comments and I will pick a winner from the correct entries on October 31 at 6pm MTN. The prize? A fun piece of miniature art from an Art O Mat. Here are some clues:

1. It's very warm
2. The only American Droog store is there
3. I saw the giant Claes Oldenberg sculpture pictured below
4. I also saw a very famous glass ceiling in a hotel pictured below

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy birthday to meee!

I got back from vacation just in time to do a drawing marathon for today's class. I went on a road trip with my friends and it was such an adventure! The one thing I love about shopping in the US is all the stores we don't have, and I found my birthday gift to myself at Jo-Ann's. Jo-Ann's makes Michael's look pretty small! I found this Martha Stewart make your own knitting loom kit and I can't wait to try making something on it!
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