Thursday, March 18, 2010

Not A Dream!

For many mornings now, I thought I dimly heard a robin calling in the wee hours. Perhaps it was just a wishful subconscious, but nope, yesterday I saw my first robin! She (or he) was hopping around in a barren ash tree not too far from my house. It trilled briefly, and took off. And naturally, I did not have my camera!

I did not have my camera either last week when I left for work late. The unmistakable, carefree toodle-ooh-doo of the house finch made him easy to spot. I think I'm going to be in for an early walk on Saturday morning - one of my photography goals is to get a nice picture of a robin. And if I get a house finch - all the better!

Front yard

It's scenes like my front yard, above, that make me wonder why I live where I do. I have been to Lexington, Memphis and Seattle; half of my heritage is from the Mediterranean. All these places are lush and humid in comparison to ol' dry Alberta. But, if I ever left Alberta, I wouldn't leave the prairies. There's so much I love about them, but I haven't been able to really express the "why". I think this little ditty sums it up nicely though:

Ask why the eagle soars in the air
Or builds so high his craggy nest,
Ask why the fishes love the sea -
Then ask me why I love the West

(attributed to John D. Higenbotham, 1933)


  1. Great shot, still looks a bit cold. I am with you I love the west. I have had Robins for a few weeks now and this past weekend we had or first hummingbird visit our feeders. We put our feeders out early in March as we know they are close.

  2. Oh wow what a perfect quote / poem for Alberta!

    I love it here too, and your right it can be sooooo dry! But I moved back to Ontario 10 years ago for a few years and oh boy I missed Alberta, I just didn't feel home and yet I was born in Ontario and lived my first 9 years there before moving to Alberta the first time!

    I hope you get a good shot of the birds, I just love this time of year when the birds are starting to come out more!

  3. Nice shot. I love robins. I saw them here in Florida a couple of weeks ago when it was in fact very cold.

  4. Brrr Carole, I don't know how the robins do it. Last year or the year before, we had a bad spring snowstorm and you'd see them peeping out in the tree. Our neighbourhood has a lot of cherry trees, so I think they eat off those until they can get some fresh worms :-) In a couple of months, it will be a much nicer shot!

    It is a cute little poem Pam! I found it in a book called Colombo's Little Book of Canadian Quotations. It's full of pioneer lore and poetry. Alberta is definitely a place that always feels like home. I'm going to London, Ontario, in May, so I hope it's nice :-)

    Congrats on having hummingbirds Marlene! I'm envious. I should get a little hummingbird feeder and see what happens - everything else comes into our yard, they're bound to make their way here :-)

  5. I love the poem =) I have never been to Alberta - but it is dry (and much warmer =p) where I am. There is something about Arizona, too - it's just home. No robins yet that I have seen, but I spotted a meadowlark!

  6. Thanks Pam, I can't wait to go, even though I'm sure April will fly by.

    I hope to see more of Arizona Kathy. I only set foot it in it when went to Hoover Dam, but I would love to see Glen Canyon Dam and the Grand Canyon of course! Have you always lived in Arizona?

  7. I was born in LA, but my parents moved back to AZ when I was a year old. Aside from a couple of years in Washington state, I have always lived in AZ =)

  8. PS - sorry for the late comment - been really crazy around here! lol!