Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another one of my hobbies...

Livejournal recently had a Writer's Block question about things people collect...well, as you might have seen from my YouTube videos, I collect model horses. Many people think at first that model horses are like model cars, and while some people do enjoy repositioning, rehairing and repainting models, most of mine are straight out of the box!

In fact, I just unboxed this beautiful silver fella, Esprit, Breyer's 2010 World Equestrian Games model. I only get a couple of new models every year nowadays - with over 300 Breyer and Peter Stone horses, so space is a bit of a premium!

One of the many facets of showing model horses is photo showing. This is where you take pictures of your horse, find a show to enter (either online or snail mail) and wait for the results. They are fun to enter and I used to be really into it! I had a really poor camera though - an Olympus Mini. Now I have a great camera and no enthusiasm for photoshowing. Go figure!

I love Esprit so much that I just had to take some pictures and this one was my favourite.


  1. Thanks! I should have taken a picture of all of him - he's quite dynamic! I found the catalog pictures of him on the web tend to be a little stretched...but here's one -

    I seem to have a lot of grey horses in my collection - they're just so pretty.

  2. He is beautiful. What a neat hobby.

  3. Wow I can see why you collect them, so much fun!

  4. It is fun - there are "live shows" where people take their models out and "show" them, but mostly it's to socialize. It's easy to latch onto a particular model and want every colour it comes in too.

  5. He is gorgeous! I am occasionally tempted to buy a Breyer since I collected them and did the photo showing when I was a kid. The greys are my weakness:)