Thursday, June 10, 2010

Profile in Courage?

Rain, paper and outdoor farmer's markets are not the best combination, but all three came together at the Hillhurst Sunnyside Farmer's Market yesterday for me! At least my friend Nicole, of Noela Jewelry, was able to put her wares on display.

As a Canadian, you can't let the weather control your life. If you end up waiting for the perfect day, you'll just end up becoming a shut-in. We're having a very gloomy, cold summer right now. My wild rose bush is blooming and I just can't enjoy the garden. Anyway, back to Wednesday...

We met up at the community association and I crossed my fingers hoping the rain would stop. Once you got under a tent, it was actually pretty! But then the trick was getting the up! Nicole's husband purchased a Fast Up tent for us and it lived up to its name. We shivered for a few grateful moments under the canopy and then she parked her car closer so we could unpack.

I really couldn't put my cards out. I would rather lose sales than my inventory. The sale started at 3:30 and there were actually customers, even if they were just a few. By 4 I think the rain really picked up and water would occasionally shoot off the canopy. Around 5 it actually stopped, but then the wind picked up :-D After the wind died down, it was just plain cold, and we popped some change into a coffee machine inside the community hall and it actually made some pretty good drinks!

We'll be at the farmer's market again on June 16. Come out and say! The weather has just got to be better then!


  1. Sounds like your weather is the same as we have been having, cold and wet. It is suppose to be better this weekend, maybe in the low 80's, I do hope they are right.

  2. Oh no, that's too bad. Buy your right, don't want to loose all your art you've worked so hard on! Hope next time has better weather!

  3. Hi Marlene and Pam! I hope Oregon is all nice and dry for you at last.

    Pam, it's so silly that we picked two days and it had to rain both times...and then naturally this past Wednesday when we weren't there, it was sunny! The next one we'll be at is July 7th.