Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New in the Zazzle Store - Wooden Wagon

The artistic life is full of shoulda woulda coulda moments, and this photo brings back two specific memories. The first one is where I took it, at Heritage Park in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Calgary is a relatively young city compared to others, and in the quest to modernize, many historic buildings have been long torn down and paved over. Calgary used to be called Sandstone City because of the number of sandstone buildings; it's definitely a city of steel and glass now. Fortunately there's Heritage Park, which is a lovely place to spend a day and immerse oneself in Calgary's history. It's bittersweet because it's such a fun place, but at the same time, the idea that one has to visit a park to experience history is a little sad!

Recently while looking for a specific pansy photo, I came across this picture in my 2009 folder and I wondered why I didn't do anything with it. The composition is good, the subject matter appealing. Sometimes it just takes time to realize the potential of a photo, I suppose! I will be placing this wagon on cards and magnets for Christmas sales this year, but you can order it right away on Zazzle.

The second thing this photo reminds me of is a trip to Lethbridge, Alberta, that I took in 2007 with my friend Laureen. It was an amazing trip and somewhere by the Old Man River Dam, Laureen found an old tractor weathering in the tall grass. She came upon it suddenly and there was enough rusty stuff around there to warrant a tetanus shot. Having more of a sense of self-preservation, I hung back while she dived right in. I bet that rusty tractor is still there, and I think I can find it again. But darn, I wish I had been brave like her! Shoulda would coulda...


  1. Christine, I love your photo! Great image! And, it is sad, that you have to go to a park, to experience history! My mom and I went on a drive today and couldn't believe all the forests that had been taken down, just from a month ago?? I don't think this is good! Have a good day!

  2. Oh my goodness! That's a shame that the forest disappeared like that. That kind of discovery is always jarring :\

    When I visited London, I loved how historic the downtown was. Got a lot of great photos and there was a busy downtown farmer's market too! I was so envious :-)

  3. Beautiful photo.

    I love Heritage Park, haven't been in many years.