Friday, August 12, 2011

Oooh, crafty weekend ahead!

Working downtown is going to be bad for my wallet. It is way too tempting to shop and spend money - I needed new work clothes, so that couldn't be helped. Sometimes I don't have lunches ready like I usually do, so I dash out to the food court. Then there are the coffee runs...

And then there's places like Billy's News, which stocks an excellent selection of magazines. Now, us Canadians are modest folk, and we tend to downplay how awesome it is to live in Canada, but our connection to the Commonwealth ensures a steady supply of all things British, from Coronation Street to the royals. And right in between are magazines!

I forget why I was downtown when I popped into Billy's News a few months ago - I think I was hoping to find a weaving magazine - and instead I came out with two British card making magazines, Complete Cardmaking, which contains a CD-ROM with each issue, and Cardmaking and Papercrafts, which came with a free sample of paper.

This was just all too exciting - and it was pretty fun to pop the CD-ROM into my computer and play around with the graphics on it. The next issue I bought of Cardmaking and Papercrafts had a sample of Perfect Pearls glitter paint in it, and when I popped in today and saw that there was a bonus fairy stamp set, well, how I could I not buy it?

I think it's so cool that these magazines have samples and stuff. They don't even cost that much more than an American magazine. I find I like the styles better too for some reason...there's a certain enthusiasm for crafting in British magazines that others don't have. There was a special double pack of Australian paper crafting magazines, and I scooped that up too. Ah! I can't wait to rest and relax and pour over the pages!


  1. Sounds like I need to go magazine investigating, LOL!

  2. I am with Debbie, I need to go magazine investigating!!!! ;o)

  3. I hope you guys can find these magazines locally. Maybe I'm just lucky to live in the big city :-)

  4. Looks like working downtown will be fun. Lol Enjoy your magazines!