Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday, Monday

There's no escaping Mondays. It's just not possible to outsmart that one day of the week. Laid out my work clothes, packed up the lunches, went to bed early, squinted at the calendar and said "Monday, you're not going to make my life miserable!"

And wouldn't you know it...

Ten minutes before I usually leave the house, I can't find my bus pass, which has my pass card along with it. I flail, upturning everything around the doorway while Muffin makes his "Want out!" screams. I dump my purse, my husband tries to helpfully figure out when I last used it...finally I just have to cough up the $3 and mentally kick myself for losing a bus pass at the beginning of the month. And a $20 pass card.

I miss my connecting bus, so I have to take a regular bus. At least I got a seat. That's a positive.

Then work is an avalanche of requests - which I dutifully sort through and before I know it, it's lunchtime! I unwrap the sandwich that I bought at the Sobey's deli...and the bread is moldy. Unnghh...I gamely start eating the unmoldy half and then...ugh...ugh...this chicken salad sandwich still has bones in it! I throw it away and am thankful I packed a bigger lunch than usual. So gross!

The afternoon is suspiciously quiet...I just wait for something to sneak up at me at five minutes to four...but it never does! Have I finally escaped the Mondays?! I even get a seat on the way home.

But Monday was only resting! Digging around in my purse, I can't feel my keys...oh no! I unceremoniously dump my purse on the concrete step. Whew, there they are! For all the trouble Monday has caused me, it has one last surprise in store. We go out for 2 for 1 pizza at this awesome little Italian place. My mushroom, pepper and pepperoni pizza comes with...onions! Truly, a First World Problem! The waitress checks the order and apologizes and kindly gets another the correct order going. Perhaps Mondays are not so bad after all! :-)

Oh, and the bus pass and my pass card? I dumped out my gym bag and there it was! Monday, you just can't trust that day!

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