Saturday, June 4, 2022

Time for Junicorn!

Post-grad life just doesn't seem to slow down! I can't believe it's June! What happened to May? Well, I can tell you a bit about May--I spent a lot of it catching up on eight months of life delayed. I reconnected with friends, re-organized my art supplies, vacuumed and bit by bit cleaned up a mess that took eight months to create. I also pushed a writing and art submission too, which was a lot of work. It's been fun to do normal things!

And, it's been fun to return to drawing. I missed draw a lot. So, what better chance to catch up on that than Junicorn? Junicorn is a month-long drawing challenge much like Mermay or Inktober. I think I'll do a daily sketch and draw a finished picture at least once a week. We'll see--I'm trying to be gentle with myself and remember that it doesn't all have to be done in a day!

I'm posting the best pictures to Instagram and you can follow all of them on Twitter too.

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