Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2010 Christmas Birdhouse

It's always nice to be ahead of the holidays! With the way it's snowing outside, it might as well be Christmas again here in Calgary :-) This picture was languishing on my desk for a while - it was just one of those pictures that needed a half hour's worth of work to complete. It took a lot of effort to do this, since it's always more exciting to start something new :-) Click for larger.

Christmas Birdhouse

PanPastel and Colored Pencil ::: 7x9" ::: April 28, 2010

Christine Bennett
Purple Pony Art


  1. Very pretty, I love Cardinals, we do not have any here in Oregon and I have only seen one that was not in a picture. Beautiful birds.

  2. Oh gosh, so cute! I love the expression on the cardinal's face!

  3. This is beautiful! Yeah I heard about your snow, my adoptive grandparents were supposed to move to Calgary yesterday and because of the snow it has been postponed until tomorrow. Hopefully the weather will be a bit better by then!

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  5. They sure are beautiful Marlene! I don't think we get them here either...or at least not in our part of the city.

    It's crazy how the snowstorm just literally blew through town. I couldn't believe how warm it was when I walked home last night.

    I'm glad you guys like the cardinal so much - I'll have to get some pictures of the handmade Christmas ornaments that inspired them.