Saturday, July 31, 2010

Blog Backlog #2 - Clean the basement!

From February to May I undertook a gargantuan task - I cleaned the basement, fully completely, and my husband even got into the spirit by e-cycling some old computers. I can't believe we found 300 cubic square feet of space in our house! Blue cart recycling helped a lot, and I said goodbye to boxes of old magazines! I pared down my craft supplies and well, I'm always proud of the nice stuff that I can give to the Salvation Army. A lot of people see thrift stores as their dumping ground, but an old desk, at least four boxes of clothes and a lot of books and household items have hopefully found a second life. Here's another secret - the less stuff you have, the less time you spend looking after it!

Although I was happy last summer when I cleaned up my art space, I wasn't completely happy with it and found a better arrangement once all that stuff was gone! And naturally I captured it on video for posterity.


  1. Christine it was fun to see your space and hear your voice. Your space looks a lot like mine did, it will be fun to arrange my new space when our house under goes it's remodel.

  2. Congratulations on being accepted to the art and design college!

    Your basement looks beautiful. Love how you arranged your art space. I see you have the white carousel too. I love mine!

    Cute video. Nice to hear your voice.

  3. Thanks guys :-) I really don't sound like that, haha!

    That carousel is the handiest thing ever, and I got it half price at Michaels, naturally :-)

  4. Great job! Makes me want to do the same! :0)

  5. THE VACUUM! Did some reorganizing in me and my wife's SMALL apartment. Even redecorated the bedroom, drapes, new paint on walls, and new night stands/dressers. Kept an old dresser - which came in handy for hats, gloves, linens and even serves as a place to drop stuff when one is coming or going. But ...left no room to stow away the vacuum!

    Congrats on ACAD - nice going.