Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Designed Object

Our next humanities assignment centres around the designed object. We watched an excellent film called Objectified, which is about the design of everyday things. For the assignment, we could make a presentation solo or as a group, as a podcast or PowerPoint or even a zine. I'm going to do an oral report despite the fact that I'm terrified of public speaking. It would just be the easiest way.

I get the feeling that somehow a lot of the presentations are going to be about cell phones, MP3 players or laptops. I have no idea why. It could be because I'm doing my smartphone! I just can't think of an object that I use everyday that I'm super passionate about or feel is intensely personal. Ten years ago I probably would have picked a model horse or something :-) I could do my Coach purse, which I love, but I just don't love it as much as my phone. One of the starting questions is Reflect on how this object's design fits into a story you tell yourself about yourself. How does this object—in particular, its design—play a part in your answer to the question "Who am I?"

In some ways I'm less materialistic than before. Once I started letting go of things, I cared about them less. That's not to say that I don't cherish my wedding ring or a gift that someone has made for me or anything like that. It's just I'm imbuing less of myself in things. Really, I have to, because I don't have the money or the space :-) If you were in my position, what would you write about?


  1. Christine, that's a hard question! I don't have a cell phone, so I wouldn't do that! You know, after really thinking about it, I think I would have to do my Roots purse or my computer. I'm not a very materialistic person either, but those are two things I use everyday. Hope that helps! Have fun! Very interesting!!!

  2. I think somehow I'm going to go with my cell phone either. Or maybe my camera. It's due on Tuesday, so I have to decide soon :-)

    A purse is a very good choice...I don't know where I would be without mine. I bet you're like me and there's a little bit of everything in it from candies to tissue. It's prepared for any little emergency!

  3. Good Luck with what ever you decide. I can't live without my computer. I know that for sure and if I had a smart phone I am sure I'd be glued to it. I haven't even texted yet! lol

    Stacy, how do you live without a cell phone! lol