Sunday, December 12, 2010

Craft Sales - I Miss Them So!

This has been my first week without homework and my first week without a craft sale in a long time. Just two more fibre classes to go! But I do miss the craft's really the one time of year where I get to meet customers in person and chat with them. I love that so much. Just as I have a story to tell them, they often have a story to tell me.

The stories I hear the most of revolve around pansies. If I had known my pansies were going to be so popular, I would have called this Purple Pansy Art. People love their little faces and their amazing hardiness in Calgary's weather. Indeed, pansies will last up until and into the first few snowfalls here! But pansies seem to remind people of friendships, and mothers and grandmothers. I usually take pansy pictures in groups of two or three when I can, to symbolize those relationships. Plus they are very photogenic flowers.

Usually I have lots of pansies every summer, but this year I only had one pot that my mother gave me. I just adored the gentle ruffled petals! A vertical shot of these flowers graced cards and magnets this year. Although I won't be selling in person for a very long time, that doesn't mean my cards and magnets are not available. Just drop me a line anytime. I usually don't post them for sale on online venues. By the time everyone takes their cut, I'm not left with much profit unfortunately!

Ruffled Pansies


  1. I love pansies too! They only hang around in the early spring in Virginia though, too hot in the summers here. Their season is just too short. Beautiful photo! :-)

  2. Hey Christine ;o) We love pansies here too! And, I have to admit, they are my mom's favourite flower! We eat them too. I've had them in salads and in desserts ;o)

  3. I know you miss the sales, but enjoy the time off and get some rest!

    The pansies are beautiful!

  4. How funny art2cee2, I would have thought that they would flourish down on the east coast. I have been to Kentucky and Tennessee and I'm so impressed by the way things bloom there :-) I'm glad you like th photo!

    LOL Magic Love Crow, I could never bring myself to eat a pansy :-D They're too beautiful. What do they taste like?

    I'm trying to rest as much as I can Pam. I still have this stupid cold. Oh well!

  5. Thanks Pam! My husband picked up some store brand Nyquil and it did the trick although I missed his family party last night.A couple more nights and I should be bouncing around again, but it was not how I planned on spending the week! Merry Christmas!

  6. lad your feeling a bit better. Being sick is no fun, and especially this time of year! Merry Christmas Christine!