Thursday, March 17, 2011

Feelin' Lucky?

Whew, this post is coming in under the wire! I have totally lost track of time lately. It was only when I saw fellow ACEtsy buddy Joann's post about it that I went looking for a green t-shirt. But I slopped yogurt on myself and ended up wearing a black t-shirt to school. One of my classmates pinched me hard and it hurt!

Anyway, it seems like an appropriate day for the next anniversary contest, which is totally based on luck! Just comment or leave your email address and I (or Muffin) will pick a winner on March 31st at 6pm MTN time. What's the prize? How does a 20% coupon to either my Etsy or Artfire shop sound?

It does take a certain amount of luck to be in business - either knowing the right people or which opportunities to chase...or pass up :-) Sometimes it's just the sort of luck that makes a picture great...or bad luck that makes a photograph one of those "shoulda coulda woulda" stories! I always feel lucky to have gotten some good bird pictures over the years.

Then there are things that don't seem lucky at the time...but turn out to be pretty lucky! I guess luck is one of those philosophical topics that one can write a lot about. I found an excerpt from a really good book I read a couple of years ago called Quirkology by a British scientist named Richard Wiseman. He set out to scientifically study luck and found out some surprising things about luck!


  1. Count me in. Sorry you got pinched. I had it easy growing up because if I forgot to wear green I always had my green eyes to count on.

  2. Hey Christine ;o) Count me in too ;o) I didn't wear green, I was a bad girl! But, I didn't get pinched! Sorry you did! I read the study about lucky people, very interesting ;o) Have a great day and a lucky one!

  3. Hi thanks for stopping by the Oz party and your sweet comments. Good Luck.

  4. Just popped in to say hi & thought I should write my name in too, wearing green today (all my black stuff is in the wash LOL)