Saturday, April 30, 2011

Belated Psyanky

Easter has come and gone and like most holidays, I'm late for this year but early for next year! I wanted to get this done in time to send to my grandparents for Easter. Oh well! Granny is turning 89 tomorrow though!

Designing any sort of new paper pattern is always tricky. It's easy to visualize it in your mind, but the actual construction can be a challenge. I remember designing a brochure once and being so pleased with the layout. But once I printed it and folded it on brochure paper, I quickly learned that brochure paper doesn't like to fold and crease as well as regular copy paper. Kind of the same thing here - cutting the diamonds proved to be somewhat inexact :-)

Don't forget you have until 6pm MTN time tonight to enter my ACEO contest for April!



  1. This is really a neat design, The diamonds look great. Happy Birthday to your Grandma.

  2. This is so very pretty. I love the design. :-)

  3. Christine, I forgot to say, the aceo turned out beautiful! A+++

  4. I forgot to mention that Granny is still wearing high heels :-D Thanks for the birthday wishes, I am hoping to go to Edmonton soon to see her.

    I think Marlene, for next time, I will make the white area just one piece, because cutting them all out and then figuring which way they should go was treally time consuming.

    Thanks Crystal! I will probably get a book from the library for more inspiration on the eggs.

    Oh, I also forgot (geez, I am forgetful lately!) this is a 5x7" greeting card, not an ACEO. But thanks all the same Stacy!

  5. Beautiful egg. And wow Happy Birthday to your granny!