Saturday, April 2, 2011


I'm going to say that my appearances here are going to be sparse for a while. One of my classes, PPRL200, has a pitch and proposal for the final project. It's a group project and quite a lot of work. I can't wait for the end of school because of all the projects I have on hold. It's hard not to procrastinate, especially on a day like today when it's snowing! What!! Maybe we'll have spring by Easter :-)

So on that note, here's the winner of the March contest - Ms. Lazyhawk - Marlene! Congratulations Marlene. I will email you shortly.

Watch for the April contest - I plan on doing either an Easter ACEO or 4x6" picture.


  1. Yeh Marlene! Have a great day Christine! Take Care!

  2. Thank You Christine, I am just stunned. I have been so lucky this past month.

  3. Nice Marlene, Congrats on your win!! Christine hope you get a little 'free' time soon!

  4. Wow very busy, hope school will fly by for you.

    Congratulations Marlene.