Sunday, September 11, 2011

Summery September

Yesterday was amazingly long and exhausting, but it was also a celebration of a new milestone in my life - I'm a driver!

In 2005, I finally took some driving lessons through AMA, bought an old station wagon and then sat on my learner's until this summer. I really didn't think I could master driving or enjoy driving, but my friends Lisa Redfern and Calgary Wolf put in the extra time to help me out. There were also a lot of other people who were committed to my success and I'm so thankful to them. I passed my road test on August 27 and have been hitting the road ever since. Now I don't need to rely on my husband or my dad for rides and I think they're a bit relieved. No more getting up early to be at craft sales!

Mom spent Friday night at our house and then it was off to the Harvest Hills Alliance Church to line up for a registration spot. Years ago, someone set a precedent for lining up around 4am, and at 5:30am, we were 35 and 36 in line. We got a spot that we liked and well, I just think the church ladies are so awesome and patient! Looking forward to this sale in December.

We loaded up my station wagon, Remington, the previous night and once we paid for our tables, boogied on over to the University of Calgary for ParkSale, which was a nice venue for live music and handmade goods. It has been unusually hot this September, and while sales weren't great, I hung out all day with Bubblegum Sass who I used to work with. Here's a picture of her side of the tent. Cards plus wind are not a good combination, so most of my stuff was bunched up and weighed down.


  1. Yeh, you are a driver ;o) Hope you had many sales ;o)

  2. I hoped to have many sales, but I just sold two magnets and a greeting card. Summer sales are just tough sometimes I think.

    But yes, yay to drive! Now the next time I go to Ontario I can rent a car and see a lot more :-)