Friday, January 27, 2012

Time for Tea

I missed class and work this week because cold germs finally caught up with me! Blah! I'm just not one to sit around lying on the couch, and neither is Muffin. The idea for a tea cozy made on the Knifty Knitter has been brewing in my mind for some time, so there was no better time to give it a try. Two tries actually. I was shocked when the first one ended up being too short. I guess there's no accounting for the shape of some things. Hopefully the pattern for it will be on my website when I get better. The dummy is sewn for my fibre homework project, but I don't trust my judgement right now to further cut up my husband's sweater :-)


  1. Well done Christine! I hope you are feeling better ;o)

  2. Very cool! Sorry your sick, hope you feel better soon!