Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Draw Something!

I'm in love with Draw Something. It's a game where someone else has to guess a word and draw something in retrun. Some people simply write out the word, so I'm only trying to play with friends.

It's awfully addictive! My old laptop died, so I replaced it with a 7" Samsung Galaxy Tab. It's so easy to draw on, especially with the big red crayon shaped stylus I bought to go with it. I'm screencapping my favourite ones. Naturally, I do draw a few stinkers too.

They say you should draw every day, and I'm definitely doing it :-) Check out this public album as I add more items to it by clicking on the duck.

From Draw Something


  1. Christine, wow your duck is beautiful! I am also an addict, I play on my iPad... we can get together. I also hate when people spell the word. I have also been screen capping my favorites, I will have to add them to an album somewhere! Your pictures are awesome... I have never been really good at drawing anything so this is good practice.

  2. Your duck is adorable! He looks like he is smiling ;o)