Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nanaimo, BC

My suitcase was barely unpacked from California when Mom and I were off to Nanaimo. Every year a group I belong to has its annual conference in a different Canadian city. Nanaimo is a small little city on Vancouver Island. Unfortunately, I was unusually rainy, cloudy and icy cold, even at the beginning of June. Maybe it was a blessing because I didn’t do a lot of picture taking. I'm still sorting out California! Here's one to get started at least. Nanaimo is a harbour city. The actual airport is 20km outside of town, so if you're brave, you can take a seaplane and be there a lot faster :)
Harbour, Nanaimo, British Columbia by Calzephyr
Harbour, Nanaimo, British Columbia, a photo by Calzephyr on Flickr.