Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nice Needle Tools

Here's a post that I saved as a draft back in July!

One thing that has always interested me are nice needle tools. It seems a shame to have to make do with cheap plastic bits and bobs. When my great aunt passed away ten years ago, I thought I would find something fun in her old sewing basket. It would seem plastic bits and bobs existed in the 50s too.

Searching online was fruitless. When I did find nice needle tools, they tended to be made from sterling silver and really $$$!

Quite by chance, I found a cool little store called The Stitcher's Muse in Nanaimo. I couldn’t have missed it - because it was conveniently connected to our hotel. It was everything any crafter would want in a store - cozy and packed to the gills with everything for lace tatting to hardanger.

Had I been employed at the time, I would have bought more than the three things below - a magnetic needle holder, a needle case and a mother of pearl embroidery winder. Perhaps it's just as well to have a reason to go again.


  1. Christine, the items you bought are beautiful! Love them!

  2. Thanks hun! The cameo is my favourite favourite :)

  3. lovely! Those pretty items can only add to the joy (or take away from some of the frustration) of your craft.

    and PS: I flew in and out of Calgary this year to visit Banff and Jasper. I loved the parks and I'll be back!