Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Temple Run Review - Fun!

Happy New Year! It was a great sunny day here in Calgary to kick off 2013.

Last night though we wound down the year with friends. Each year I like to buy them a new board game, and this year it was Temple Run. If it sounds familiar, it's because it's just one of the many smartphone games that have made the jump offline.

I couldn't find many reviews for it online, so I hemmed and hawed about purchasing it, especially since it was $25. The good news is that it is a fun speed based game for four people. It's essentially a dice game. Players roll six dice and can re-roll before the tiki timer runs out. The player not only moves his pawn, but the demon monkey as well.

The game board is made of five square panels that get flipped and moved to create a continuous path - very clever!

We played it on easy mode and found it a little tough at first. The trouble is, it's too easy to die. If the monkey doesn't catch up to you, chances are you'll run into an obstacle. Each game we played lasted less than 10 minutes. I think a longer play time would be far more satisfying - there's lots of room for house rules here!


  1. Replies
    1. It is - it's different because it's not quite like Monopoly or any of the other games out there. Simple to get going too. With how expensive board games are, I'm glad it's not a turkey.

  2. I like your comment Christine about you being happy, it's not a turkey! LOL! Might be a game I will look into! I guess I will have to stay away from the monkey! LOL!

  3. Happy New Year Christine! glad you had fun with the game.