Sunday, February 8, 2015

Some years are upgrade years

Over the past few years we have been doing little renos to our house. It's almost twenty years old and we've lived here for twelve. Last year we got a new sidewalk, and thanks to a hailstorm, a new roof. This summer I am hoping to have the wood trim replaced. 2015 is really going to be an upgrade year for my business too. I just got in a big order of display supplies, ordered new business cards, made some postcards, and updated my brochure. My last brochure was made in 2008, yikes! But, finally, I have a nifty vinyl banner for my business thanks to the good folks at Ingraph. A banner was something that I had been promising myself for years. After passing by some websites, especially one that a too good to be true vibe, I picked Ingraph and the helpful staff produced my banner for under the cost of the quote. Their turn around was extremely fast. The banner is made on heavy duty, grey backed vinyl and looks fabulous! This banner is going to last for years to come before I need to upgrade it :-)


  1. hope you get lots of success this's nice to freshen up our art business, although it's my least favorite part of creating, lol!

  2. Nice! You know the house I let my daughter who just graduated college live in was mine before I married. It is over 100 years about upgrades. This past year I had to put in a new furnace, a new roof and a new porch. And it's still not done. The house I live in now is 30 years old and we have replacerd every appliance, the heat pump, a roof, every ceiling fan, and new rugs. So you are lucky your house is only 20 years old Lol