Tuesday, October 13, 2009

For the birds!

This is my new feathered friend, Mr. Muffin.


He is a giveaway cockatiel that I picked up two days after picking up Mr. Jill's little body from the vet. It breaks my heart that Mr. Jill isn't here - he was such a playful budgie - but unfortunately they are poorly bred and don't often live long. Muffin is the kind of bird I have wanted my whole life - friendly, tame, a whistler and a clown.

I have to admit my previous budgie, Moxie, came very close to this. I often told people that Moxie was the most perfect budgie ever! It's been over half a year and I still miss the pretty little guy. Bonding with birds just isn't the same as bonding with another pet. Pet birds have to choose you, you can't force your affection on them. Again, it's true of any pet, but birds tend to have greater self-preservation than dogs and cats. For a bird to step up on you takes a lot of trust.

Although I have loved horses all my life, birds come such a close second, if not first at times. It kind of makes me happy that they're a trendy subject right now - especially since they are also one of the most visible forms of urban wildlife out there. Here's to the birds!


  1. Love the picture - he looks like he has a lot of personality!

  2. Mr Muffin is very handsome, how great that you are giving him a home. I'm sorry you lost your birds. Your right, birds take a lot of trust.

  3. He looks so spunky! You are right about birds being the upper hand in the relationship. That is why I'm still contemplating on getting one for my daughter for Christmas, haha.

  4. Adorable. You and Pam have a lot in common. I would love to have a bird but with four cats...it is to say the least a little chancy. :)

  5. Thanks Kathleen! He sure does! In the couple weeks we have had him, I feel he has been testing me to see how "dumb" I am. I know all the birdie tricks :-)

    I know Pam, it was a lousy year to lose three budgies like that - the third was Jack, who lived with my parents. He died about two weeks before Jill, at the age of 10.5!

    Ange, have you thought about a budgie or a cockatiel? They're often ambassadors for the parrot world...I know a great group that can help you pick which bird is right for you!

  6. Thanks Carole! Looks like we do!

    Christine, it's hard to loose so many like that!


  7. It sure does Pam, especially since Jack was so long lived and my parents adored him! It seems budgies aren't bred to be long lived or healthy anymore. I hope Muffin is around a long time! I still have to take him for a vet check.